A professional partner for event agencies and festival organizers.

We are the event

What does this mean in actuality? There is no template or script. Each of the artists in our collective has a real influence on what is happening on the stage at any given moment and every audience member can always join in on the fun. Hence, the motive for the creation of each event, performance and LOCOMOTORA show is more than just the desire to present “another boring show” – but rather we aim to present a huge spectrum of human experiences and passion.

We also have more than 10 years of stage experience and have logged thousands of hours in costumes at countless festivals, parades, events and company parties, which have all resulted in the trust and adoration of many loyal clients.

Who is Our Offer For?

We work directly with festival organizers and event agencies. We also accept private offers. We are ready to produce any and all artistic, commercial and advertising proposals – all you have to do is write to us!

Where We Operate

GRUPA LOCOMOTORA is a Polish art collective that performs internationally. We have performed for many different European countries, as well as in numerous Middle Eastern. Since we operate on a global scale, we are open to cooperating anywhere; from a street performance in a small city in Poland to performing at a huge gala in Australia.

Who are Our Artists?

Our collective consists of professionals in various fields of the performing arts. Commitment and passion translate into results in the form of phenomenal performances and an explosion of energy on stage.