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Clowns LOCOMOTORA’s funny and crazy clowns get every party started right! Their specialties are: entertaining audiences and performing magic tricks! Our clowns will provide an unforgettable show with giant soap bubbles, balloon animals for the little ones, a boatload of jokes plus they may even teach a lucky audience member or two how to juggle! […]

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Jugglers Do you need a high dose of energy and emotions? Want to add more dynamics and humor to your party? Look no further than our world class jugglers. Our jugglers will show off their skills with great enthusiasm, cooperating with each other, interacting with the audience, performing pranks or conducting competitions for children. We

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Living statues

Living statues Is there anything more intriguing than a live character seemingly frozen in stone? Our artists are able to create every character in statuesque form – attracting the attention of everyone around them! Where? Living statues are the perfect proposition for the apex of your party. They will attract your guests attention, gather anaudience

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mimes Mimes – joyful, full of energy and always surprising. Their greatest talent is their ability to shapeshift into any possible form. LOCOMOTORA’s artists will present historical characters from any period or epoch which fit the theme of your event. Not sure who you should choose? We’ll find someone special just for you. Where? Mimes

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Stilt walkers

Stilt walkers Our wonderful stilt walkers invite all interested audience members to join in ‘from above’. Expertly navigating through even the thickest of crowds, every spectator is sure to see them. If you want they can even invite you to take part in the fun. Will you let yourself get carried away? Where? Stilt walkers

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Bubble show

Bubble show Bubbles, bubbles and how about a little more bubbles! During this show, our bubble artist bursts on stage with super-sized soap bubbles! Floating in the air, they resemble the fairytale worlds of your childhood and help unlock your imagination. The artists invite the audience on stage so they can be carried away by

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